Working method

Sometimes, you do not have enough hands.

Kordaat Agri offers the solutions to give you peace of mind!

The arrangements have been made.

The workers get started.

At the end of the working week, you can enter everything online.

The hours worked and working hours per worker.

We invoice the hours worked per week.

This is all there is to it for you.

Kordaat Agri gives you peace of mind

The job is done; for you there is nothing left to be done.
Kordaat Agri takes care of all additional formalities.


A team consists of several Romanian or Polish workers. In every team, there is at least one person with a driving licence and at least one person who speaks English.


Kordaat Agri takes care of everything: accommodation, transport, insurance, taxes, permits, etc. Just leave everything to us – and all of this at an affordable rate.


Our workers can perform the following activities:

  • Uprooting trees
  • Thinning out apples and pears
  • Picking apples and pears
  • Performing odd jobs in (organic) farming:
    1. Weeding
    2. Grubbing
    3. Cutting
    4. Dabbing
    5. Sorting
    6. Cleaning activities
    7. All other (manual) work

Is the job for which you need additional workers not listed?

Contact us, and we will do our utmost to take care of that job as well!

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