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This is the privacy statement of Dukaat Beheer BV as well as the Dutch operating companies that are part of Dukaat Beheer B.V. which provide services in the field of labour and employment mediation. These are (inter alia) Get Work Uitzendbureau BV, Kordaat BV, Kornuit BV and Korrekt BV.

When you, as a flex worker, candidate, applicant or self-employed individual, submit personal data to Get Work Uitzendbureau BV, your data will be included in the database of Dukaat Beheer BV. In this document, ‘Dukaat Beheer BV’ also refers to the other operating companies that are part of Dukaat Beheer BV, including Get Work Uitzendbureau BV, Kordaat BV, Kornuit BV and Korrekt BV.


Dukaat Beheer BV is convinced that the protection of its visitors’ privacy is essential for its business operations. Personal data is therefore handled with the utmost care. The data you submit to us will only by used for the purpose for which it has been provided. Personal data is processed properly and carefully and in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018.

What is Dukaat Beheer BV?

Dukaat Beheer BV is the party responsible for processing within the meaning of the GDPR and thus has control of processing personal data and establishes the purpose and the means for processing. Dukaat Beheer BV sometimes engages other companies to perform services on its behalf. In these situations, Dukaat Beheer BV remains responsible for personal data processing. Dukaat Beheer BV has entered into contractual engagements with these companies about handling personal data, so that privacy remains safeguarded.

Which data from our website visitors do we process?

Dukaat Beheer BV is not interested in names or other data that reveal the identity of visitors to its site. Data submitted via this website are only used to respond to specific questions and information requests.

Dukaat Beheer BV is interested in data that reveals something about the use of this site. In that case, however, it only pertains to statistical information that cannot be traced back to individual persons. 

Why do we collect your data?

We collect your personal data so as to be able to provide our HR services in the best way possible. We use the data to help you get work and/or employment.

When do we collect your personal data?

In the following situations, Dukaat Beheer BV is allowed to retain and process your data:

  • If you have given Dukaat Beheer BV permission to process our personal data for one or several specific purposes.
  • If processing is necessary for executing an agreement to which you are a party or (at your request) for taking measures for entering into an agreement.
  • If processing is necessary for complying with a statutory obligation which Dukaat Beheer BV is subject to.
  • If processing is necessary for protecting your (or someone else’s) vital interests.
  • If processing is necessary for performing a task of general interest or a task within the framework of exercising the public authority Dukaat Beheer BV is charged with.
  • If processing is necessary for serving the legitimate interests of Dukaat Beheer BV or a third party, except if these interests are outweighed by your interests/basic rights and fundamental freedoms for the protection of your personal data.

Which data do we process about candidates looking for work, flex workers, (temporary) employees, applicants, self-employed persons/entrepreneurs and/or business relations?

If you are a candidate looking for work, a seconded employee, (temporary) employee, self-employed entrepreneur and/or business relation, Dukaat Beheer BV can process the personal data below.

It is your responsibility that the personal data you supply is correct and up to date.

  • Person looking for work/candidate
  • Seconded/(temporary) employee and self-employed entrepreneur
  • Name, address details, email address, telephone number and other contact details;
  • Date of birth, age and gender;
  • Information about training/education, work placements and work experience;
  • Details about training/education and tests you have taken via us or on your own initiative;
  • Details about availability and leave;
  • Other details that are relevant within the framework of assessing the candidate’s suitability, such as references and certificates;
  • Other data of which processing is necessary for executing our HR services.

If you start working/work/have worked for Dukaat Beheer BV or its clients, Dukaat Beheer BV can process the following data in addition to those mentioned above:

  • IBAN;
  • Nationality, citizen service number (BSN), proof of identity and work permit (if applicable);
  • Data within the framework of pre-employment screening;
  • Data concerning the nature and content of previous employment mediation as well as its termination;
  • Other data of which processing is necessary for executing our HR services.

Processing special personal data

We process personal data exclusively if you have given your consent explicitly or if there is a legal basis for us to do so. Special personal data is data about your religion, philosophy of life, race, political creed, sexual preference, health and any trade union memberships. Criminal data is also included, as well as data about unlawful or improper behaviour with respect to a prohibition imposed as a result of such behaviour.

The data we normally process can be derived from the proof of identity. If you are going to work for us, Dukaat Beheer BV will be held to process a copy of it in the personnel file.

Additionally, special personal data may be processed with respect to health, background or the body implementing employee insurance schemes to have the possibility of using a (premium) discount on subsidies or to comply with our re-integration obligation to help people with a disadvantage on the labour market find a job.

Which purpose does Dukaat Beheer BV have of processing your data?

  • Matching demand and supply on the labour market;
  • Informing you about products and services from partners we have selected;
  • Providing information about the latest vacancies by means of the vacancy alarm, exclusively if you have registered for this;
  • Registering hours worked with respect to salary processing;
  • Assessing suitability or availability within the context of mediation towards regular or temporary work;
  • Entering into and maintaining a mediation or employer relationship and having the possibility of executing the relevant administration arising from this;
  • Recording, processing and executing a mediation assignment;
  • Screening your data with respect to a potential match with a (potential) vacancy;
  • Promoting personal development and sustainable deployment in the form of courses, training, education or tests;
  • Conducting internal checks and audits as well as supplying management information;
  • Assessing whether you qualify for a (premium) discount and/or subsidy or whether you are subject to a (premium) discount or subsidy scheme;
  • Complying with our re-integration obligation meeting the object imposed by the government to help persons with a disadvantage on the labour market find a job;
  • Granting access to our closed web environment (flex portal).

Forwarding data to a third party

Dukaat Beheer BV may forward your personal data to other entities of Dukaat Beheer BV, its clients, subcontractors providing services or performing orders on behalf of Dukaat Beheer BV, suppliers, public authorities and other business relations and in all cases in which we are held to do so, for instance by a court order or a court ruling, such as informing our clients, if there is a legal basis to do so, or public authorities for meeting government objectives. Pension providers are also included.

Personal data is submitted on the basis of a legitimate interest and a statutory obligation for the execution of the agreement.

Your personal data can be forwarded to a party abroad. Dukaat Beheer BV has taken the necessary measures to ensure that any forwarded personal data is protected.

Your rights

We set great store by ensuring you can exercise your rights with respect to the processing of your personal data. If you want to inspect or change your data, restrict the processing of data or exercise the right to transfer data or the right to be forgotten, please contact us.

We will try to handle your request as quickly as possible but within one month. We are held to check your identity before your request can be complied with.


Dukaat Beheer BV does its utmost to protect your personal data against wrongful use in the best way possible by physical, administrative, organisational and technical measures. Dukaat Beheer BV has drawn up agreements with parties that process data on behalf of Dukaat Beheer BV stipulating that these parties protect personal data in the best way possible.

Retention term

Dukaat Beheer BV will not retain the personal data longer than necessary for the purpose of processing and based on the statutory retention term.


Dukaat Beheer BV reserves the right to adjust or amend this privacy statement. None of the provisions of the privacy statement can be construed as being or giving rise to any obligation or agreement between Dukaat Beheer BV and a data subject.

Other provisions

The provisions of this privacy statement and any disputes arising from these are subject to Dutch law.

Questions, comments, complaints or suspicions of a data breach

If you have any comments about the disclaimer or the privacy statement, or if you have a suspicion of a data breach, please contact:


Dukaat Beheer BV

Postbus 42

8160 AA  EPE, the Netherlands

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